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Monday, 3 October 2016

My Comments re Colombia’s Brexit moment as politicians misjudge popular anger at Farc amnesty | World news | The Guardian

Colombia’s Brexit moment as politicians misjudge popular anger at Farc amnesty | World news | The Guardian:

we must design better ways of running a country especially in a democracy which has been pushed by the west as the 'gold standard', which I hope is the case, but given Brexit, PossibleTrumpfGate and now 'democratic rejection of FARC' agreement, maybe most of us might not be asking the right question.

Could the right question be, we must empower and HOLD personally accountable the politicians for their actions focusing on delivering:

1.) Rule of law/Peace not war

2.) Safe & Secure Home

3.) enough food

4.) ways for populations to work hard to improve their lives and protecting their fruits of labour

5.) deliver appropriate regulations/punishments/enforcement for those that disrupt/threaten 1-4 above.

Agreement with FARC is sadly the only first step and sadly when framed incorrectly, by government that people might not have best trust, I guess we cannot blame the people to 'vote' NO..

Lets send our good wishes for the populations of Columbia, at least maybe in a tragic way, they are fairing much better than in Syria?

Friday, 13 May 2016

My short comments on Cracks are appearing in fintech lenders —

Cracks are appearing in fintech lenders —

 IMHO, it is very difficult and dangerous to 'band' all FinTech firms together as a single category.
Features of the "Elephant in the room" are these: 
1.) no agreed definitions of 'FinTech' from P2P to Bitcoin (or latest 'hot cake' of Blockchain disciples)
2.) ALL FinTech firms claims to be doing something better/different, indeed, most try, but ALL still use banks other financial institutions (major to small players) to 'empower' them to 'disrupt' the industry
3.) almost all have been created with an exit in mind (to be bought in 3/5yrs or less, or exit via IPOs and become Unicorn)
4.) most investors/VCs and even Hedge-funds are friendly lambs with habit of shifting into Bison herding behaviour 
5.) due to competition & scarcity of good deals, cross investments by star investors/VC firms means most firms, FinTech especially are likely to be me-too variety and none are created to truly fix nor disrupt anything, let alone the key plumbings of Finance. 
If the above statements are true, then I can totally understand why Larry Fink created the annual CEO letter tradition as he is crying out for more good firms so he can invest in them (not only for those BlackRock already owns).
In short, we will keep on having these discussions (next will be about blockchain investments in 1-2yrs time), unless and until someone with true firepower dare to truly disrupt and fix finance. 
My analogy for my senior C-level friends (from all industry) is this, Roman and Mongol Empire might have had the best 'Tech' of the day (Roman's had armour, spears, chariots, Mongols were great riders on fast horses,with special blades) but they had become great because they developed the right ecosystem & business model (new roads/infrastructure from Rome to all conquered countries, coins/currency to unify Roman empire economically, or adopt a counter-intuitive "Religiously Tolerant", Multi-faith stance across the Mongol empire despite Genghis Khan allegedly killed 40million people as he created the largest contiguous land empire in history).
Therefore, question is not about whether cracks are forming in FinTech.  We should take a step back & #AskTheRightQuestion, namely is the present FinTech a new 'Gold-Rush'? If so, maybe it is by design, that it is suppose to attract everyone, and once the rush takes hold, those that pivoted well and moved from "selling shuffles" to become speculators will all be making money.  (a good piece on gold mine here: ) No doubt however many will fall on the wayside and lose from money/job to repulations (hopefully not their lives like in the old days).
Given how connected our world is so far, and our many billionaires world, I would like to take a more optimistic view, maybe it is time we all should #AskTheRightQuestion & thus #DoTheRightThing, why not challenge the top guys like Paypal Mafia to work together and develop a viable solution? (see my long blog post in 2014: )
we can only hope. 
PS: Don't listen to me, if you are fellow City/Cass MBA Alumni, you are welcome to join our next non profit E/MBA club 27May free of charge (30th since started in 2005) focusing on "Truth of FinTech" with Samee Zafar of Edgar Dunn & Co. ( )

Sunday, 8 May 2016

MY short comments on men should #Engage, find #Purpose #Mission and #SelfChallenge How to be a 21st-century caveman | The Sunday Times Magazine | The Times & The Sunday Times

How to be a 21st-century caveman | The Sunday Times Magazine | The Times & The Sunday Times:

Brilliant work Tim & Matt, for trying! 

Look likes a must read for all modern day men, look forward to reading the book sometime soon. 

I would like to argue and hope the book already cover 'the purpose' and 'mission' that one must have (especially men). 

as most do not engage actively (mind, body, spirit), as it is much easier to just follow the crowd and sit in front of the sofa. 

First task for men therefore is to #Care, #AskTheRightQuestion, engage with self, probably thinking about this is already too much hard work! 

Therefore #SelfChallenge is key! 

For those that cannot afford YogaBox classes, finding their own purpose and just walking would be a great & easy start! Some might not want to move, literally, if so, even standing would help. why no try 'standing like a tree' TaiJi /TaiChi #KungFu. YUP! no need to move.. believe me, it is a challenge, especially if you dare to stand for 60minutes plus! (HealthWarning: its recommended that you only start with few minutes or 10/15min max, please check with your doctor first!)

don't worry about not belonging to tribes as once you started a true hobby (especially martial arts) you will have many reasons (& peer pressure) to join the pack, mini-big-tribe activities (family is a must for sure!).  

And find your personal mission so that collecting #WeeklySpears will become a doddle.. 

For those that likes a challenge, I would like to refer you a rare long blog post I made on 1 common lesson we can learn from Jim Marshall, Charles Darwin, Sir Winston Churchill , US presidents like JFK & FDR.

What do others think? 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

My comments re Berkshire's Disintermediation: Warren Buffett's New Managerial Model …

Berkshire's Disintermediation: Warren Buffett's New Managerial Model …:

Well spotted & shared, many thanks Guy!

yes, indeed. Brilliant & must read paper by Prof Lawrence Cunningham @cunninghamprof.

This Berkshire kingdom status quo will persists until there is a true alternative that promote long term profitable (not profiteering) firms that can truly bridge B2B & B2C client's trust. this can only be arrived when there is a better way to be rated, audited and listed, 

The Sage of Omaha use of insurance float & deferred tax for cross financing is legendary but many family offices/Asian dynasties also adopt variations of the strategies mentioned. 

Key difference is Warren's Berkshire shares are traded and not most of the Asian dynasties' holdings. 

It would hopefully be many more years to come that Warren & Charlie will be our world's Sage (fingers crossed), question is, why is there not many other that 'truly emulate' them? 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My Short blog on: Ideas Help No One on a Shelf. Take Them to the World. - The New York Times

Ideas Help No One on a Shelf. Take Them to the World. - The New York Times:

Well said.

Distribution of rubbish solution is also dangerous. Give people a well that they don't use or give solution to Diarrhea but not fixing the cause is also not good.

Our world is so connected & challenges we individually faced with are already overwhelming, reading this article or this comment of mine is already a lot for most, let alone investing time & effort to understand & 'truly' fix anything (esp those on our personal To-Do list).

We need therefore something stupid simple for EVERYONE to take part, I suggest people use 20% of their own leisure time to #SelfChallenge to do anything (ideally not stupid running on the spot or marathon watching kardashian's behind).

The more important you are, take on a bigger challenge (especially if you have influence, wealth, or followings), and coordinate with others, or challenge your peers to do more, please don't just donate to charity.. unless the charity's aim is to make itself redundant with a definite time-frame (10/20years?).

What we need is a call to action that will lead key people towards the right direction, in 2016, maybe it is time to adopt #FixTheWorld instead of non directional ChangeTheWorld which sadly has not fixed much so far?

I would recommend watching the video about philanthropy by 3 Buffetts on my blog post on LinkedIn: Tomorrowland Today.Must take opportunity to #Activate & #FixTheWorld ! *

My 2013 Short blog re challenge between Billionaires!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

My comments on Green faces £80m BHS pensions bill | The Sunday Times


Green faces £80m BHS pensions bill | The Sunday Times:

Interesting details on the deal and who's behind it.. but need more details on the 'bigger' picture:

deficit stands £207m , buyout valuation ballooned to £571m Green wrote off £215m debts (on @bbc @FT )

so, am not an expert, some might argue that (minus £400m taken off as dividends by Mrs Green..) Philip the Toga King & family is not great business people/retailer after all (except for their own family and offshore Monaco account)? 

we must be missing something or is it that simple? selling it for £1 was indeed a brilliant magic trick! 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

My comments re Hong Kong’s old school entertainers clash with younger generation over political views | South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s old school entertainers clash with younger generation over political views | South China Morning Post:

If I was an alien from out of space, looking at how China run one of the biggest country of Earth in a disciplined & measured, orderly fashion of people's congress, compare to the sandals flying, punching & shouting parliaments of Taiwan and even United Kingdom, I would know what I prefer to watch just for the pure drama.

Youngsters & artists should help make hong kong better not only for hong kong people.

Hong Kong has been great is because NOT only of its free speech, but Rule of Law, hard working ethics of the TRUE indigenous Hong Kong like myself, who grew up at council estates that has ONLY public toilet & bathrooms (think of the scenes of Stephen Chow's fantastic comedic but culturally accurate caricature film "Kung Fu Hustle" but in council estate blocks).

I'm sadden to hear and observed that new generations of so called indigenous hong kong who do not focus on working hard or working out & proposing viable solution but adopting the militant ways that are likely to affect the rule of law and safety of all, which ultimately will start chain reactions that negatively affect Hong Kong's competitiveness from tourism to international trade and relations with China (who has many other problems to deal with).

We should not focus on solely buying flats or being rich as reported but focus on working hard, self improve and create better opportunities without using violence.

#MustWATCH classics by Sam Hui 許冠傑: 應該要自愛 搵野做 + 学生哥+父母恩

It maybe time that stars of HongKongWood, to Bollywood and even Hollywood should help get people to think right and ask the right questions... I've been told by Prof Luigi Zingales' insights, the wider world (esp. popular culture and celebrities) could help by producing something useful, insightful, like the Margot Robbie's bubble bath scene that explains sub-prime:

Thursday, 4 February 2016

#AskTheRightQuestion #ElonTheBouncer=best respect? Question should be what is Rude? my comments on Guardian re Elon Musk personally cancels blogger's Tesla order after 'rude' post | Technology | The Guardian

Interesting, must read:

Elon Musk personally cancels blogger's Tesla order after 'rude' post | Technology | The Guardian:

Night clubs has bouncers to keep out the unruly customers, most would agree that is a good rule?

Elon acting as bouncer himself IMHO could be the most respect he could give to what he considers as unruly customer. Question lies in whether like night clubs if he has set the rules of what is acceptable and what is unruly. This article could have asked a better question, rather than using sensationalism regarding wealth and rudeness?

@ElonMusk is brave, brilliant, but may have wrong goals in spending billions in sending people to Mars, when he could have spent the money and intelligent to help save our Earth, but that is another question altogether.

(I think Elon rightly consider that the blogger is rather influential and most people would not read further than the headline, because apparently "His post ends up with praise for Tesla and its Model X". )

 not sure if you agree?


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

"Actions must be spoken now" in 2016, More plastic than fish in the sea by 2050, says Ellen MacArthur | Business | The Guardian

More plastic than fish in the sea by 2050, says Ellen MacArthur | Business | The Guardian:

How about keeping it stupid simple..? just like dogs fouling, fine the dog's owners.. but in case of plastic bottles & packaging (as seen in picture in the above article on guardian) fine the brand producers of the bottles/packaging locally?

this might encourage smaller local brands (new or old) to create a virtuous circle (& minimise wastage) to service needs of consumption but balancing needs of environment.

good report to raise the issue but sadly no government would have enough power or dare to pass such law. "Actions must be spoken now" (no time for writing another report!) . (trying to do word play on "action speaks louder than words").

Download Ellen MacArthur's New Plastic Economy report here.

What do you think?

PS: don't forget, we won't have coral probably by 2050! (Coral Reefs May Be Gone By 2050: Study )


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

My short comments, lets not be juvenile & be responsible Adults!? Amazon’s Bezos taunts Musk over SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket landing

Amazon’s Bezos taunts Musk over SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket landing:

Congrat to both, lets not be juvenile. both have done well! but to what end? go die on Mars? Why spend so much on the noah' ark to the pink desert, and try to save our own green but greying planet??

wonder for the millions & billions spent, when will Jeff & Elon & the rest of the paypal mafia to join forces to really FIX something and make money at the same time?

One can only hope for the new year of 2016? we should all challenge the likes of Jeff & Elon... 

as Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton: «Development aid is cynical» – Swiss Television SRF 

pointed out the problems of Gates foundation but without highlighting likely solutions.. 

We need to challenge the top guys to work on a solution together.. maybe to adopt #FixTheWorld narrative in 2016!? instead of non-directional #ChangeTheWorld ??