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Friday, 31 August 2007

Advertising market challenge, debate, win or losing "digital", summer debates series of IAB

I went to a fantastic debate organised by IAB last week.

I have learnt a lot that evening. But my thought of the biggest challenge for the advertising market still exist (as I mentioned in various opinion articles & trade journals before), which is that digital is key for the future of the advertising market, BUT the budget holders invariably are from the old school (above-the-line, TV, award and St. Tropez types). Therefore, invariably most of them would prefer to stay in the comfort zone, and leave the digital part separate (under someone else that report to them but have to fight for the budget), rather than devising a totally integrated campaign.

Naturally, some agencies would prefer to keep the relationships than 'rock the boat' too much... hence, therefore, the debate of 'whether to' ditch the word 'digital' was maybe asked at the wrong time, as the question of 'whether and when' the money man would 'adopt' digital (namely, online, mobile, interactive TV) to their overall brief/requirements....

I trust that we may still be mentioning this challenge for the next 10 years or so, as the market would only adopt a new habit when the new generation arrive at the position of power...

This is very much like the mobile telecom sector that still mainly follow ARPU as their overriding business drivers... when the real growth is on the value added services and most importantly 'off deck' or 'off portal' services..

Thats another blog piece altogether...

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