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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Social networking within the enterprise | Information Age

Social networking within the enterprise | Information Age

gosh, time flies,

didn't realise information age was purchased by Vitesse media, the acquisitive media group, great job Sara Williams.. challenge is how to make the business model works of the media/publishing sector, as barrier to entry is low comparatively.. and it would take years to become likes of forbes/economist.. I do like the bunch of people at Vitesse though, very friendly .. and so, I am supportive!

I digress...

this piece of journalism on social networking and its adoption/applicability for enterprise is very interesting read.

User-Generated Content & Social Media

User-Generated Content & Social Media

very interesting report (not that I got time to read it all...) but key is that this will become a viable but trusted (from consumer's point of view, if their friends recommend certain products/services via these platforms)...

yet, it is also outside of company's control of how they portray the products/services.

saying that, success of i-mode is in fact the consumers that decided that they like it (as it was originally designed for business people!)...

so, power to the people.. amen. ;)

The Forbes Tax Misery Index -

The Forbes Tax Misery Index -

fascinating stuff

no wonder HK/singapore/taiwan are used as hubs going to acess China..

surprising that we don't see the 'tax heaven' juristitions/countries being listed or compared...

good report and worth checking out that is for sure!