Thursday, 5 March 2009

My comments re: Sky News appoints Twitter correspondent... |

Sky News appoints Twitter correspondent... |
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as an observer and now avid user of twitter in my own way (private feed), I still have great difficulty in explaining the benefits of twitter in a sentence .. is there not another view point where, it maybe good for even "news international", or god forbid 'news of the world'.. trying this new 'phenomenon'..? Seem to me there might be a 'this is my club' syndrome for any 'outsiders' to join the crowd.. don't forget, twitter might not be the be-all end-all.. the market might change dramatically in months/weeks, for example, if/when the mobile operators wakes up, and decide to start a 'twitter' like service (via an industry association, Gitter/Mitter?) with privacy, AND identifications (to a certain degree).. not only would early adopters use the service but also early adopters/followers.. and only then would there be true scale.. One thing is for sure, we might see the cusp of a sustainable service, hopefully it will be twitter. @GarethWong

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