Saturday, 31 July 2010

Joi Ito's BBC - Podcasts - Interview and my thoughts of elitist clubs in purely on and off-line world.

BBC - Podcasts - Interview

Joi Ito 30Jul10

Fri, 30 Jul 10

27 mins

Joi Ito is an investor in early stage internet projects and he has backed some big successes including twitter and flickr. He thinks that about one in ten of these start-ups returns a decent amount, but the big ones -- the Googles and the Yahoos -- come once every five years. The trick he says, is to be in position when they arrive and his formula for doing so is a curious mix of networking, Buddhist philosophy and serendipity.

very interesting interview..

I have followed the startup scene for a while and this podcast explains how it works, with all these goodie goodie events (leWeb, WeF, TED, DLD), and scratching each other's backs.. and in some instances created brilliant companies.. and tweetups.. yes, generally its access for all, but glad its accepted that there is this elitist club that exists.

I also adopt the class 1 strategy of helping (in someway curating a non profit elitist club) but in the mostly offline business world.. but barrier to entry is much higher, sadly not as much return (yet) as they are all very focused and industries are mostly insulate from others so far (still, for real or perceived)!

Its definitely harder work but we are getting there!

very interesting indeed.

happy flying about and spending time on 'our causes'...


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