Saturday, 27 August 2011

My comments re: THE APPLE INVESTOR: The Changing Of The Guard. What's Next?

my comments to the post above.

Acid test would be the next 3-5yrs..

gut feel is that no one (Tim included )cannot replace Steve.

Tim can sail for 1-2yrs max on tailwind of what Steve's put in place, remember, running a ship is very different from pioneering it to uncharted territories and managing (in some case squeezing/coercing) partner boats along the way by sharing the pioneer's vision AND Faith of where the destination is...

Industry dynamics dictates that it would also depends on whether the PC & mobile industries can get their act together AND collaborate and take down the beast of Apple (in some of their eyes, but for some Church of Apple) whilst during the transition..

One thing is for sure, it would be interesting to watch, hope Tim can still be the captain in 3 years time, good luck & god bless to both Steve & Tim indeed..

A still not yet Apple user (I did buy the at the time top of range 40G iPod, used few times as backup HD whilst travelling)..


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