Monday, 7 May 2012

My comments re: Buffett and Munger won't buy Facebook stock - May. 6, 2012

Buffett and Munger won't buy Facebook stock - May. 6, 2012:

Totally understand, and of course, they are mostly right... which I totally agree with, but our view point is one of different 'investment horizon' vs the much shorter term 'trader's thinking.

sadly most of the market & investment world at present is about short term (even down to minute by minute frequency trading)..

don't get me wrong, FB & Google are doing great service (for some, still not everyone yet.. and it WILL plateau), key is like most investments knowing when to buy and when to sell, as essentially this is a trader activity..

but likes of Warren is not traders, they buy & hold cash flow rich, profitable firms that will be around for very long time (hopefully when their grand child is even 80/100 years old)

Facebook sadly will probably not (in its present form anyway) but most of the management of FB will not care, as they would have gone to do something else and have built and sold many times already.. they are mostly about 'build and sell'... once again, nothing wrong with that..

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