Wednesday, 3 October 2012

my comments & predictions re Call for European banks to separate retail and investment | The Times

Call for European banks to separate retail and investment | The Times:

This all make perfect sense and logical.

fact of the matter is, which regulator would be strong and daring enough to implement this suggestions and with real enforcement power....

and whether the real power, namely firms with money and global reach would listen and comply? as it is to be frank rather easy to move jurisdictions... since most regulators would be influenced by politics; most therefore would not dare to take drastic rules that might annoy the paymasters ...

we can see what happens with Hollande in France

The real issue and challenges is that the capital and finance market is now sadly structurally favoured short term; nothing wrong with it as long as you are hedgefunds or traders... personally I would love to have the cash flow rich, cash generative conglomerates back.. likewise we cannot blame the banks as they are like herds as mostly main market listed and therefore they HAD to perform and can you blame the bulldog that bite your hand when you have trained it to fight like an animal??

therefore this suggestions although make perfect sense, mark my words, we will be talking about the same thing on 3rd Oct. 2013 as sadly, IMHO the capital market has stayed the same doing what it was doing back in 2008 maybe with same people in different seats.

Sad but true!?


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