Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My short response to @Invoker's post: Big Idea 2013: Responsible Social Media | LinkedIn

Big Idea 2013: Responsible Social Media | LinkedIn:

Agreed, but it has to be "harnessed" for good, rather than bad... less TALK but more "intelligent actions", power must comes with responsibilities.. if Arab spring's only goal was to over throw the government, it was a success, sadly some of my friends reported that the uncertainty and power vacuum now could ultimately be filled with some even more dangerous players/parties... good luck to us all..

not in my words but pls see latest examples:

1) Bad use of social network: Facebook rampage: Schoolgirl's mother facing £30k clean-up on home in Billericay could now face...

2) & REALLY good and RIGHT way is to use social media intelligently for finding the best use of it: The New York Times: ‘Putting charities to the test’ via @sharethis


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