Saturday, 14 December 2013

My blog comments re Doug Richard: Hong Kong is Asia's premier start-up hub - Telegraph

Doug Richard: Hong Kong is Asia's premier start-up hub - Telegraph: "Hong Kong is acknowledged as one of the world’s smart cities, with its excellent ICT infrastructure, transportation, health care and governance systems. These are the foundations that are fast accelerating its appeal for international startups and entrepreneurs looking for a base that can offer a launch pad for international expansion.

My Comments:

'As a biased Hong Kong born & raised entrepreneur, I would say we have only 50/50 chance to ensure a thriving HKG past 2047, hence my last blog/comments ("We need a visionary to lead a new "#TheFutureHKG" initiative, repositioning HKG past 2047! " 

Hong Kong is well positioned. but the situation between Singapore and Hong Kong is now reverse (compare to the 80s), plus anything past 2047 will be uncertain, thus this provide further challenges for firms that are seriously planning to build products/services rather than building something for short term exit. 

It is easy for proponents for the entrepreneurship (gold rush movement) to talk about startups based on InvestHK 's initiative (great work, btw, anything helps!), one need to think back, Chinese, especially Hong Kong/southern China Chinese are very entrepreneurial already, works hard, just need ideas/encouragement to take the plunge..

Key success for new HKG startups is to think longer term (rather than short term exits), and also think nationally (in china) and regionally, as the Hong Kong market is sadly too small. Being able to harness the present industries is also a major niche that entrepreneurs can easily tap into, sadly not easily done by fresh graduates that are following the gold rush and have not much experiences... 

Eitherway, Hong Kong and china is so unique that as Chinese guru (@martjacques has mentioned multiple times, China (HKG) is unique and need a different/unique model, and no westerners would know what is 'right' for China.. I would argue that it is the same for the entrepreneurial/startup community of Hong Kong. We just need to work together to help nuture the future HKG regional Baidu etc. 

good luck to all of us! 


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