Friday, 31 January 2014

My response re Orange & RED pill of life, the steps before finding a truly Meaningful (dare I say Impactful) Job

The #1 Feature of a Meaningless Job | LinkedIn:

In response to another comment..

Jeremy Russell

Student at Idaho State University
Sounds like you have a great sense of humor. A very long winded ( but interesting ) way of saying: you become your environment; If you want to change you, then change your interaction with your surroundings. People, places, and things all change when you apply (keyword) the force to change it.

I tried to clarify further what I meant in my previous post on Linkedin:



Meaningful job: nice to have but most are too busy/consumed with "going through the motion", 

and would not take time to 'ask' nor 'search' what 'true meanings' are for them. 

Hence by challenging themselves, and testing/learning more, they should then be able to get to know 

1) what they really want/would like to achieve (meaningful job might just be one of 
2) set goals and concrete steps to achieve them. whether it is new skills to a meaningful job or indeed impactful life,

this would be the Orange pill of life (matrix analogy). 

Of course next step would be to take the RED pill, & (challenge oneself to) learn more about the whole world and its global challenges of Food, Water, natural Resources, & systemic problems of the finance world... 

and get mightily depressed.. 

If there is enough GRIT applied.. then maybe work towards a viable solution.. on that happy note, back to my work. 

Question: Would you dare to take the Orange or RED pill? (Congratulations btw, as its a given that you are not taking the blue pill as you would not have taken the time to read Prof Adam's post and my long-winded reply!) 

Good luck to us all! 


Would totally recommend reading @AdamMGrant 's original post that sparked these comments: The #1 Feature of a Meaningless Job | LinkedIn:

seen this fantastic initiative to help find a meaningful job?

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