Sunday, 1 November 2015

My comments on great LinkedIn post by Fred Destin on "How we can thrive in a world of Chaos", re possible "Flow Addiction", & success due to Seemingly Unachievable Mission

#MustRead Linkedin post by Fred Destin: How we can thrive in a world of Chaos:

(Great talk/video below, but parental advisory re some language used.)

Fred Destin – You need to embrace chaos to succeed from MindTheProduct on Vimeo.

Well said Fred Destin @fdestin

great thought leaders mentioned, also elaborated by authors like Steve Kotler on his book called Superhuman etc. curious though that no one talk about the likelihood of and danger of 'addiction' to the adrenalin and Flow state, as Csikszentmihalyi (in Boniwell, 2008: 28) was aware of the dangers of flow and wrote 'enjoyable activities that produce flow have a potentially negative effect: while they are capable of improving the quality of existence by creating order in the mind, they can become addictive, at which point the self becomes captive of a certain kind of order, and is then unwilling to cope with the ambiguities of life.'

Parental advise for some language, a good podcast with Steven Kotler on addictiveness of flow state:

Separately, I was particularly impressed with your last comment about parenting, in order for kids to have/gain Grit & determinations, it means parents must have courage to empower them to challenge themselves & their children.. sadly most parents are too protective or prefer to take easier paths (why force the kids!?)... as Parents, do you dare to ban/limit your kids from Technology? Steve did! (Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent on NYTimes )

Pre-requisite is that parents & kids themselves have to DECIDE they wanted to gain (& willing to work for) grit though, everyone must #SelfChallenge : (see video: Angela Duckworth | What Is Grit and How Can You Learn It? )

IMHO, I would like to argue that same analogy should also be extended to how entrepreneurs create and setup firms, in my proposed theory of @CorpParent ( keen to have yours and others' feedback ) most firms would take 8 to 10years to become an independent, value adding and hopefully profitable firm, but sadly most do not survive past 18years of age.

Good firms need great entrepreneurs to create the right culture/goals/missions for not only the founders but also the followers, look at Steve, Tony & Jeff etc.

In our age of endemic short-term-ism, thinking along the line of parenthood might just be a better way of re-defining CSR/ESGs going forward, as we are faced with daily challenges as parents and as business leaders.

Greatest firms of our time however cannot be formed only by 'Clear, ambitious but attainable goals' only though, as goal of creating iPad as Steve perceived even before 80s.. (see The “Lost” Steve Jobs Speech from 1983; Foreshadowing Wifi, the iPad, & the App Store @marcelbrown )

I would argue that his vision back then was akin to the Seemingly Unachievable Mission I described on my first Linkedin post.

Not sure if you and others would also agree.



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