Friday, 5 October 2007

Adopting a true 'professional' esteem for all industries

Having trained as an Engineer.. back in the 90s, I fully understand the reason why Engineers work hard to be a 'chartered' IMechE, IEE or IEEE.. etc. its a badge, respect and I guess, responsiblities, and probably money.

Same goes for Doctors .. Lawyers etc...

there is rarely something similar, yes, there are Chartered manager that recognise people's 'management achievements', but sadly, most people have never heard of it. I only came across them when I was finishing my executive MBA.. and was told that now I can also have that..

I have been observing that for various top end, ivy league business schools, their alumni would mainly (and proudly) give out their alumni emails (e.g. Harvard, Insead etc.).. I did not know previously that however, non-MBAs get them also.. so, it now devaluate somewhat in my mind..

Generally, technology employees etc. previously mainly give out their corporate emails (which changes rather often sadly)... and we kept losing in touch.. but thanks to likes of LinkedIn, Plaxo etc. and now maybe facebook, we can all be 'in touch' with the business contacts (moved onto become personal contacts) and keep in touch via their personal email...

Are we observing that people now are getting a more 'professional' esteem in their own right therefore still proud to be giving out their personal business cards/ contacts, some like myself have their own domain etc.

I certainly get a lot of funny looks in the previous years... but lately, I am getting feedback like, 'thats a great idea... I should get one too'...

After spoken to Graham Brown from w2forum last night, I just reminded myself to write a piece/entry on my blog..

I hope this entry check all those points that I see.. but ultimately.. its pure ranting.. and erm. not much of a punch line... ;)

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