Saturday, 13 October 2007

Key to success for mobile gambling

This was my answer to a question post on the LinkedIn network.

Key for mobile gambling success: 1.) game that works (format, entertainment, device) 2.) fit (time, place, purpose) 3.) trust (brand, parties involved, channel tomarket) 4.) innovation (not present product extension only) and most importantly 5.) education & change of culture (need substantial investment into product development and finding out what the customers' real needs are).

I had not got time to revise the mobile gambling report this year, but the last one on mobile and iTV are still pretty valid, maybe except the market report numbers.

For those of interest, our next Gambit event is focusing on mobile and iTV development in the gaming sector, on 7th Nov. in central London, hope to see you guys there, Gambit is a grass root initiative supported by the senior figures of the sector, we mainly only need to have our cost covered.

The 2005 version of the mobile gambling report is free on my website, link below.


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