Thursday, 5 February 2009

my comments re CEOs faceless on Facebook at Interactive Knowhow

CEOs faceless on Facebook at Interactive Knowhow

Great post Jemima!

My comment is that from the CEO/chairman's perspective, some might want to get involved but the potential "cost" could be much greater!

Like you, I deal with a lot of CXOs, and their challenge is that whatever they said in public, especially in black & white (print and digital), it can be interpreted/taken out of context..

Don't blame those that are/maybe a bit more on the cautious side of things when it comes to social media!

One thing is for sure, they have to be in it to "understand" what it's about...

The result of kangaroo project is a prime example!!

Another thing is, being firm with a "friend" is sometime much tougher than being firm with an employee...


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