Sunday, 1 February 2009

My comments, Funny And Clever Chinese “Shanzhai” Brands | chinaSMACK

Funny And Clever Chinese “Shanzhai” Brands | chinaSMACK: "Funny And Clever Chinese “Shanzhai” Brands"

Yes, indeed, there is a word to descibe 'fake' products/brands in Chinese. 

just watched a program on Antiques in China (on chinese art), where a lot of energy & effort was spent in creating art, but they put a 'sign' to pretend to be from a certain period, when on it's own, it was an art!! 

Chinese is great, clever, resourceful, why don't we utilize all these in the right way!!! 

Directing energies postively is key, very much like the mis-spent energy of youths of Britian at the same very moment.. 

Fingers crossed that tomorrow is only better.. We all have to help ourselves, whinging and complaining as a goodie goodie does not help.. Action speaks louder than word..

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