Friday, 30 January 2009

my comments on: Why I’m leaving Twitter!, too many followers are FUTILE!

Why I’m leaving Twitter!

 jimconnolly | Jim's Marketing Blog

Strange why Jim stop us from commenting on this blog post.. guess he is afraid of 20,000+ comment!?

It is exactly his ratio (1k of 23k followers) that I kind of foresaw the problem, hence I keep my feed private and ONLY allow people I check out to follow & I follow those I know who they are... 

this might be a viable option and the 'chase' of thousands of followers is "FUTILE".. 

so, friendsfeed is an option .. but I still like Twitter in my own way/flavour. 

yes, it is still weird/complex/difficult as keeping my feed private means that I cannot interact with those that don't follow me. 

I have to have a seperate 'open' account to communicate with other people.. 

it is not ideal.. 

twitter is still best as it is useful for me: 

1.) I can keep up with my contacts
2.) catchup with news
3.) communicate bite size.. 

Still got challenge of privacy and identification of users (who they say they are..)

hope Twitter can fix these soon.. 

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