Friday, 20 November 2009

"remote commerce" Elephant in the room [RCEiTR]

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Had a short but interesting conversation with a 'investor' at Nesta event yesterday (gr8 event, see my other sporatic tweets/blog), typical no card which means I will (have already)forget him..

the conversation was about 'search' and early stage investing, but a fraction of it I would like to draw one's attention here, it is the big remote-commece "elephant in the room".. [RCEiTR]

Like the agency world, startup world (valley) included which a good proportion of them mostly focus on building followings (monetise via advertising!?) but mostly via trade sales (typically due to opportunity cost/bid & give astronomical but unjustifyable multiples)..

everyone forget [RCEiTR].. that is, most people STILL DO NOT transact remotely, either via online, mobile or interactive TV..

yes, the web, mobile web and i-mode and everything has become pervasive.. most, including Nokia (unlike Apple) has not cracked it yet..

mostly because the trust/education/business model (of the value chain) is not yet matured AND communicated (& educated) ...

So, lets keep on playing the build up and sell it before they realise/prove the value game.

[talking from a not yet multi-millionaire sour grapes point of view of course] ;-)


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