Tuesday, 19 January 2010

my comments re "broken value chain" Mobile Games Forum 2010: Day 1 wrap-up | Mobile Entertainment News

Mobile Games Forum 2010: Day 1 wrap-up | Mobile Entertainment News

Good & efficient as ever Stuart.

I think it is very important to take a step back, other than the vertically integrated value chain of Apple's iPhone, it is hard to find another properly fully integrated value chain which consumers (B2B or B2C) can 'easily' and seamlessly discover, pay for, download and utilise the mobile application.

(Pls NOTE: the much touted & successful apple Apps store, launched 2008, but after 'training' users for *SEVEN* years since launch of iTune in 2001!!!)

It is therefore key for games developers to recognise these facts:

1.) most mobile application users do NOT transact on mobile yet (due to lack of seamless integration nor efficient fully integrated payment)

2.) most applications with some few exceptions were specifically designed and developed for the mobile form factors (except the apps on iPhone)

3.) further, most apps so far are mostly extension of existing applications and have not been designed to solve real life challenges/situations with up to date, trusted and timely information, (but it is getting much better with alternative reality, google maps, twitter, ponty etc.)

... Carlos of Doughty hanson made a pertinent remark regarding the importance of the 'integrated' value chain, rather than focusing on the slices of the value chain.. which I also highlighted in my more elaborate (in comparison) mobile gambling report back in 2004.

Key take away points are therefore these:

1.) mobile gaming can thrive but only under certain conditions/market developments which value chain specific products might not be sufficient, vs. value based proposition of flirtomatic

2.) opportunities might not be games development itself but some market structural play of how best to bring clients requirements to the fore AND address them using newly created (might be multi-channel) solutions NOT having mobile as the be all and end all.. it might just be part of the solution

3.) one should not be lemmings.. most guys sadly as I can see it, do similar things .. even major brands and IP owners.. it might be the time when we should mix it up a bit.. the potential return might make likes of playfish/facebook become a tiny fishes..

Glad I stayed in the end of the conference.


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