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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My comments re Sega and Playtech | eGaming Review

Sega and Playtech | eGaming Review

This is definitely landmark for the gaming world, however, joining major brands and gaming does not mean that is a 'sure thing' of making huge amount of money, by converting the massive brand followings.

We have seen Virgin Games doing well within their core target market (women) but sadly the brand and potential following worldwide has not yet been fully exploited for whatever reasons (potential out of control and likely reputational risk for any mistakes is probably too great for Richard, and rightly so!)

Acid test as we all know it is the hard results, and it will only come when all of the following converge:

1.) Brand with 'real' following/reach
2.) new format/products that their following might expect/need/want (on any platform,be it online, mobile or iTV)
3.) trust of the brand (and the platform/technology deployed)
4.) good distribution/discovery/promotion
5.) Consistency/reliability/ good CRM/ hand holding for new converts

World will be the oyster for the major brand/operation that get the above right.

Therefore, for major brands, being careful, doing it right, but consistent is key.. so, maybe Virgin got it right?

Sadly, time might be running out given the signing of Britain's Got Talent/Fremantle and Rank.. if they get it right, with the heavy TV promotion, that might change the landscape (in UK at least).. for the better or worst.


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