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Monday, 22 March 2010

Youtan Poluo flower.. 传说昙婆罗花3000年一开 日前在江西庐山被发现(图)_生活日志_冬天梅花26的日志

传说昙婆罗花3000年一开 日前在江西庐山被发现(图)_生活日志_冬天梅花26的日志: "婆罗花3000年一开"

Wow, the flowers that supposedly only open every 3000yrs and its only 1mm!!

see this other piece on the 5 most rarest plants worldwide.

Fascinating stuff.


Please don't spread this. as Chinese censor worries (according to new york times) this might encourage mass panic and people flock to the temples.

I will be visiting few temples though but thats what we do when we visit home town in Hong Kong & China... When in Rome.

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