Tuesday, 18 May 2010

"transparency could also be a curse".. Trial ends with Chinese tycoon jailed for 14 years

Trial ends with Chinese tycoon jailed for 14 years

It is ashame that transparency in some country provide a tool for witch hunting..

sadly what happens with these jailing and behind the door judging does not really help to stem the real problems.

It need a much more comprehensive ways of addressing the key issues that is acceptable to the political power, and I sincerely hope that can also be devised, convinced and brought to fruition.. I hope there is a white knight that is brave enough.

Hurun and Forbes rich lists still post a big danger for whoever they are listed.. very much unlike how the forbes rich list and times rich list is received in the west..

Be safe.

We do try to address this issue as CXO Europe/Asia is totally private and can even leave no trace for those that qualify and involved in the offline gathering. of course however, we do not support nor welcome anyone who might be doing thing might be illegal!

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