Thursday, 7 October 2010

rxdxt: Who Stole the Electric Car?

rxdxt: Who Stole the Electric Car?

my comments to Richard's full accounts..

Richard, my thoughts are with you and family.

It is traumatic being robbed, and we had our flats raided 2 times back in Hong Kong (grew up in council estates, thankfully we were not in!) before we installed iron bars (yes like a cage) to protect ourselves. I also got my wallet stolen in front of me (via distraction tricks) in madrid metro a month or so back, BUT nothing like having your roller coaster ride of home invasion!

Yes, I have always admired you the social media pioneers, but have aways been concerned about too open (my foursquare check-in are usually asynchronous just on the record, it could be done before, after or even next day), thats why despite having tweeter & blogger account since 2006 (reluctantly), I only started using them since 2008 onward.. and still have 'protected tweets' from day one (some of my arguments here: )

This does not answer to your key questions.. where to get the best home video/monitoring system, I have done some research as I wanted some installed also but after asking for quotes and even getting professional (contractors or even MD of Bosch security system), I find that it is sadly still ripped off Britain, one will have to spend thousands to get something decent. (when I last checked anyway).

If you however don't mind doing some DIY, then I found not bad, but buy it in US, as europe/UK will be twice the price! ;-(

Hope you will recover, but yes, be-careful location, and some self defence class (I recommend Aikido and/or krav maga) will not go amiss, as its confidence that counts.

Warmest regards & don't let them affect you.

This is also saddest part of UK, where we are giving millions away to multiple international causes but sadly have neglected the one thing needed for UK, which is social capital that has much been deprived and sadly the people that needed help down the road is left alone to rot, as they much needed 'self-help' and change of aspiration.. this is the cause that needed much attention IMHO.


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