Friday, 19 November 2010

Phil Bentley, MD British Gas's 10 Lessons in Management

Great insights that Phil shared, very nice gentleman and brilliant insights shared. culminating his 40+years experiences mainly in the publicly listed market.

1.) Never stop investing in your human capital,
2.) In business, Timing is All,
3.) Build your business around your customers,
4.) Never underestimate the power of symbolism,
5.) High performing teams know what 'good' looks like,
6.) Always recruit people around you who are smarter than you,
7.) Everyone must get home safely to their family, every night,
8.) Keep the owners happy and you'll keep your job
9.) Follow the meta-trends,
10.) Always have a few management quotes up your sleeve

my only concern was regarding point 8.) which I will write another blog to cover it when I have time.

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