Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Women reveal the pick-up moves that really work

Online dating with | Make love happen: "Women reveal the pick-up moves that really work"

I particularly like Move 3 and not to encourage her babble though!

Move 3: Death by eye contact

What to do: If you spot a woman you'd like to talk to, look at her until she meets your eye. Try to hold her gaze. Let her look away first – you can guarantee she'll look back again a few seconds later. You're communicating loud and clear without saying a word.

Why it works: Women are extremely sensitive to body language signals, and intense eye contact forges a powerful emotional connection. It works once you're making conversation, too, so look her in the eye when she talks. She'll like you for it, because it suggests that you respect and value what she's saying – and it's extremely seductive.

Move 4: Flatter her babble

What to do: Encourage her to talk more. Never underestimate the flirtatious power of the phrase “I could talk to you for hours.”

Why it works: The nerves and adrenaline of a flirtatious situation conspire to make most women babble, and they're well aware of it. Don't knock it – it's a sign that she likes you. If you can make her feel good about her babbling, she'll enjoy your company and want to come back for more. Don't be afraid to interrupt, as long as it's on-topic – it shows that you’re engaged in what she’s saying.

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