Saturday, 29 January 2011

Security of a JOB (that blinds you) vs. The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination | Harvard Magazine

The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination | Harvard Magazine

thanks Sarika for pointing this out.. must watch for everyone... especially for future generations..

Having met tonnes of CXO level people (from 2nd generation money/connections, to 1st time CEOs to multiple exited & independently wealthy entrepreneurs) ... and Careered people, the differences are rather big contrasts.. but as highlighted by JK Rowling's speech below (sadly can't comment on even greater goals re Amnesty Internation), which is their personal/business goals.

The successful CXOs levels as defined above (other than 2nd generation monied people) seem to be not only relying on some luck but well positioned (politically, or moving into the right industry as pioneers) and a lot of hard work which align to what they decide to do entrepreneurially or as part of their corporate job.

I have seen it many times before though, even CXOs in a seemingly secured role usually blind them as to the opportunity and risks of their supposedly safe job.. some even let their ego and lower level staff's brown-nosing went to their head.. cockiness set in and they certainly let their colleagues and even clients know... little did they know typical lifespan of CEO or chairman's role is only 4-6years if they were lucky... by the time they needed other's help, realised that unlike JK Rowling, they killed off all their relationships..

Their power and ego also went to their heads, so much so that missed most of the opportunities as typically, their schedules and ego-messaging events filled up most of their time and minds.. and sadly they had lose sights of planning for the future.. by leveraging and re-investing in their relationships and build a better opportunity for the future.

In fact, most have been so comfortable 'in a job' that are already panicking when 'thinking' about potentially doing anything outside of our 'roles'...

That would be another discussion, but planning ahead is paramount!! more to be blogged later..

But real question is, Would you prefer security of a job, or would you prefer the challenge of re-building from failure?? different question indeed!

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