Monday, 10 January 2011

Time has changed. "value chain still divided for Apple to conquer". Motorola Xoom tablet crowned best CES gadget - The Independent

Motorola Xoom tablet crowned best CES gadget - Gadgets & Tech, Life & Style - The Independent

Just when the world has applauded the success of Apple that perceived, designed (& push technological boundaries) and outsourced the manufacturing and brought world the now expected standard and usability of iPod, iPhone, iPad..

maybe finally light at the end of the tunnel, with a little help from likes of Google, the best in class enterprise royalties like Motorola finally can stop the tie and deliver a not only semi-decent but award winning product that can 'beat' iPad? (did they beat iPad in that category, I wonder?)

winning these type of awards does not usually translate to sales, we have seen it many times before, but this is a very tell-tale sign maybe that likes of Nokia, SonyEricsson, maybe even symbian just need to focus on what they are good at and ask for help/collaboration(s)??

Still though, having a now award winning device does not mean it will be successful as the quality content or positive virtuous circle of perceived beneficial products/services would be key for any such device to become successful.. namely they will need the open and fully encompassing equivalent of iTune...

Would the multitude of rights-owner ready to play ball yet? any of them has the leadership and foresights that sadly they have divided themselves for Apple to conquer?? sad but true.


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