Friday, 8 April 2011

my short comments, re why its a big mistake, US to use Facebook, Twitter to issue terror alerts |

US to use Facebook, Twitter to issue terror alerts |

This is dangerous and not recommended.

how secure is Twitter & Facebook?

consider this, if/should it become a success (billion of followers)

how easily would /could the account be compromised and 'fake information' be spread like wildfire..??

this is a good idea in principle and I would bet my life that Facebook and Twitter will not take on that kind of responsibility/liability if something goes wrong, in fact, would they be around in few years time..

US government/homeland security should just run their own list/information distribute directly from them with secure and proven communications, with authenticate and trusted message (like PGP).. then and only then, would we be able to trust the message.

Sadly we are chasing like lemmings, and following the crowd, key part of the internet is not addressed, which is the 'trust' aspect of it all!


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