Sunday, 29 May 2011

Must watch/read: @IFSTnews Lecture 2011 Food Security and the Impact of Science and Technology by Sir.David King:

Food Events:

Must watch/read..

"Consumption of natural resources, including fresh water, food, oil and minerals, is happening at a rate far faster than they can be replenished or replaced by natural processes. The mismanagement of other resources, in particular the atmosphere, land and oceans, means that the ecosystem services required from the Earth for a population of 9 billion are being rapidly eroded.

Climate change provides the biggest challenge that our civilization has yet had to face up to, since it requires a collective response of the global population to mitigate the effect. We will also need to manage the growing impacts upon our societies. If these challenges are not future-proofed, enforced environmental migrations coupled with growing health, food, energy, mineral and water challenges will lead to widespread conflict by mid-century between developed, rapidly emerging and developing nations. The socio-political challenges in directing the necessary collective responses are beyond anything previously managed. Meeting these challenges will require a global cultural and technological transformation on much the same scale as the Renaissance or the Industrial Revolution, coupled with the development of a widespread understanding of the need to adapt and strengthen global governance procedures. "

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