Sunday, 15 May 2011

my short comments/blog on Chromebook Preview | Ubergizmo

Chromebook Preview | Ubergizmo

It make perfect sense, and yes, 'once adopted' it would change the world, as google would like to often... more likely for business and enterprises where I guess it is geared for.. as 'control', security and prevention of data loss is key.

therefore, for these people, and the owner of the business particularly, the price tag is in fact cheaper than most of their present models for the 'road warriors'...

however, it would still need to change the business processes AND the human 'cultural & habitual inertia'.. which might take longer to adjust.. as PC & MAC users are used to store things locally on the device..

and it is purely impractical for countries that do not have universal wireless and wired internet.. so, sadly its also geographically limited!

However, it might be a good step in the right direction, time will tell! ;-)


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