Tuesday, 7 June 2011

EU Health Chief Slams Germany Over E.coli - Yahoo! News

EU Health Chief Slams Germany Over E.coli - Yahoo! News:

serious issue but way this report put it, slightly comical how cucumber was defended..

we need good & reliable and tried & tested information, not scaremongering , especially from government level!!

"'I stress that the outbreak is limited geographically to the area surrounding the city of Hamburg, so there is no reason to take action on a European level.'
Mr Dalli said the commission was holding daily meetings to analyse the situation and insisted that the EU's rapid alert system had worked, although 'we need to learn lessons as we go along'.
A Spanish delegate also stood up at the parliament while holding a cucumber, and defended the vegetable, saying: 'We need to restore the honour of the cucumber.
He then accused Germany of rushing in to blaming Spanish cucumbers and said the European Commission had not done enough after they were cleared."

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