Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Must watch, need help more urgently then African Elephants surely!? BBC Dragons help? BBC News - What children think and feel about growing up poor

BBC News - What children think and feel about growing up poor

Download it before it is too late from iPlayer:

It always pains me to see the non transparency and in some ways too many charities around that are raising money for arguably great causes around the world.. but sadly our next street 'neighbours' are left to rot... make sense!??

companies and service providers that prey on these people and provide services and 'increase' the cost for them although make business sense, but sadly failing miserably morally...

There are solutions but need properly addressed by people that are in more gifted circumstances... and devise some systemic solution, rather than doing 'ad-hoc' donations..

I will definitely try to help in this regard in the future but sadly I am not even in the Sunday times rich list yet and my effort might not be as prominent as even one dragons of the dragon's den just 'mentioning' it!?

this hopefully will be resolved! with everyone's help...

(not finish watching it yet, but I will give it the time it deserve in the coming weeks (now in my sky+) and with tears tissues ready)


ps: see the views from the director:

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