Friday, 20 January 2012

Adrian Leppard, City of London Police Commissioner, at the next Q1 E/MBA club, 2012, location TBC for those qualified to join us, 2Feb 2012

WE are all looking forward to the next super exclusive E/MBA club..

"The growing threat of Fraud and Cyber crime; what the Police and Government are doing about it and how business can help themselves"

Narrative:- The explosive use of the internet as a social communication and business environment, coupled with the simplicity of operating systems has offered an area for criminality.

Fraud and identity crime is now affecting most communities with the young internet savvy "tweeter" and the older less "street wise" users being equally affected.

Nearly 30% of all Organised Crime Gangs are now turning to fraud as an area of easy criminal income and the worldwide nature of the internet means that offenders can target us from overseas.

The Police and Government are responding vigorously with new money, new skills and new relationships to counter this threat. Businesses are also very aware. The challenge lies in how we bring this together in a united attack on a rapidly expanding problem.

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