Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lord Wolfson at Conservative China group breakfast meeting. brilliant insights shared, honest & direct, how it should be!

Many thanks for Jeremy, the conservative China group & Huawei's sponsoring..

Lord Wolfson's shared some best insights & no hold bar directness really won me over, he might be my most favourite Lord yet (one of the youngest I met for sure!)

I particularly love his sentiments toward how Hong Kong Chinese should have been welcomed.. but then unlike him, I maybe biased!

I trust it was chatham house, so I won't repeat anything, but his sound bite & 'poem' recited on the fly was brilliant, it summarised China very well indeed:

" It's easier to make profit by buying from China,
easier to sell to China than to invest in China,
easier to invest in China then to make money out of China..."

Succinct & brilliant!


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