Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Short comments re » India E-Commerce: the depths of winter

» India E-Commerce: the depths of winter:

Shyam, Very insightful blog post.. how do you and others do this!!

maybe I will emulate and try & 'sit down' and write...

the few paragraphs above regarding 'future is not now' is particularly useful.. in many ways, there are similarities to even western world, as I have not really seen any real, measured figures of % of population that actually 'transact' and of those who are transacting with online only entities and % of those transacting with online extension of offline brands.. this should give us all a much better indication of what is what.. whether it is for US/UK or India/China.. sadly, all we see now is sampling and in some circumstances bad guesses..

my gut feel is that what is needed in india is not any western copy of GroupOn.. but finding the 'mobile' version of a local service (e.g. Dabbawala.., probably via even plain old 'stupid' SMS/USSD).. which means not all western VC firms could even understand the local culture/business/social needs and "real" issues the service try to solve...

I maybe wrong totally of course, but maybe some real out of the box thinking and meeting of minds (of entrepreneurs/ enterprises) maybe needed for the arrival of a few innovative companies that bring some real or perceived value to the majority of the public in a major town and people are happy to pay their rupees for... & solve what their pressing needs be (maybe organising the next 'major' family wedding/celebrations...)

what that application might be however, you probably be the first to know, please do tell me before you tell others! ;-)


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