Tuesday, 12 June 2012

short comments & question to author re 'like for like' comparison.. David Cameron left daughter, 8, behind at a pub | The Times

David Cameron left daughter, 8, behind at a pub | The Times:

This is definitely a major story.., totally agree with Philip Webster & John Simpson..

however to be fair, we cannot use our normal people's value/logistical arrangement to 'judge' the family Cameron.. after all, no doubt he would have 10+ entourage and secret service tagging along/checking before hand/afterward..

Acid test is and hope that John & Philip's team can investigate AND ideally report back to us supportive readers:

like for likes comparison... how does the Cameron PM family fared compared to other prime ministers/presidents family across the world!?? have they lost children at one time or another?? or indeed maybe they do not travel with their families at all!??

It would be great to find out for sure..

I certainly do NOT envy their lives.. one will have to promise the world to the everyone and do the reverse once in power and have to live with it for the rest of their lives.. and now will forever be remembered for incidents like these...

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