Tuesday, 7 October 2014

RT @GarethWong: #WellSaid my comments re RT @skottr: My latest LinkedIn post discussing the state of philanthropy in the Silicon Valley. http://t.co/8LOOaIxPyd

What Silicon Valley can learn from Goldman Sachs | LinkedIn:

you are spot on Scott Roberts.

IMHO, there is enough competitions between the eBay Mafia (for good I hope) in funding startups, but not enough top initiatives like Skoll Foundation & Omidyar Network... yes we have many family foundations (most charities seems to me focus on 'raising funds' rather than fixing the problems)..

Come to think of it, I probably tweeted this at same time as your post above:

RT @GarethWong RT @be_champion: #I_Admire 1.) Charities that aim to make its own job redundant 2.) Family foundations that focus on doing good without needing to raise fund

I admire @PeterThiel 's sound bite, Lets set a goal that is not easy, even Hard but not impossible .. your KPI of percentage of pretax income is a good start from a Corporation's perspective. of course likes of Gates and Warren Buffet could set great example from billionaire's personal point of view.  IMHO, if all corporate start acting like they have a soul, not from a corporate personhood but from a "Corporate Parenthood" perspective, we might be able to fix the soft challenge. (still need to be refined and a book written, need some professor/researchers' help, pls see initial thoughts on http://www.CorporateParenthood.org )

Even if all worldwide corporations pay 10% to charity..  knowing WHAT to support is also key, therefore one MUST take time to investigate the 'context' & spend time in understanding further. One must learn what initiatives really need their help and whether the charity/initiative is really fixing the issue or just fixing the symptoms.. Please see great post by Tom Murphy @viewfromthecave Why I'm not doing the #icebucketchallenge or donating for ALS - http://www.humanosphere.org/social-business/2014/08/im-icebucketchallenge-donating-als/

Credit: Vox

Many wealth managers has also great philanthropist initiatives, Nina Hoas  &amp ; Jamie Broderick are running a brilliant UBS Philanthropy Compass [Pdf eReport] We just need more transparencies and get the Corporations, HNWs, UHNWs to challenge themselves to get to know the inssues, what needs to be done (how & with whom), even if they are already offshore and enjoying secluded lives.. ( http://www.BeChampion.org )

I should follow your footstep and finally finish & publish my first linkedIn article, titled: " #HowToFixOurWorld #FixAnyProblems, 1 Simple Question: WHO #AskTheRightQuestion? Whom Should #DoTheRightThing?" fancy reading my draft before I publish it?

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