Tuesday, 23 December 2008

My comments re China blogging, suicide, libel lawsuit, adultery: Webmasters Found Guilty of Online Harassment

Webmasters Found Guilty of Online Harassment

This unfortunate episode in China has highlighted many first. 

Blogging is becoming 'mainstream', but would major publications/blogger be deterred from 'engaging' in the future given this case? 

Privacy could also considered more important in the future, but could it really affect how the people would behave in China, given the 'crowd syndrom' over there?

The case is unfortunate (especially a life is lost!), but another view will also need to be considered where multiple wives are kept for those of more affluent individuals (which some may argue could be immoral), but blogging might also be an empowering 'tool' as otherwise we might not have heard about this, nor would it be reported by CaiJing!

Real question lies, whether/when/if blogging could be a key tool to bring 'real' transparencies towards business, political arenas and become the engine that enable entrepreneurial growth in China. 

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