Tuesday, 9 December 2008

My thooughts re: Understanding HP Lab’s Twitter Research

Understanding HP Lab’s Twitter Research

Great post/insights, from Jeremiah, I am learning to know his 'real star' quality now in the Twitter world! this research is a mush read.

many thanks! I am one of those described above (or worst), as I created the account in April07, and started re-using it Nov/Dec08! Personal view: I think Twitter will not be mainstream until: 1.) It provide better privacy protection (not everyone want to 'blog' nor share the innermost secrets (within reasons), so, I have to use a 'public' profile and friends will have to follow me on my private & protected feed) 2.) groups At present, even with help of TweekDeck, it is still too many tweets and no easy way of managing all the information 3.) better computer/mobile client it will need more 'integrated' approach, as yes, it has 6+million users, but they have to rely on various 'hacks' or 3rd party clients to view/track/comment/re-tweet.. its too geeky (not that I am not.. but I am not joe blog the mass market.. and only when there is a more seamless client that the brand can really leverage/track/invest in using the channel to approach the market. Lets face it, the brand/media/FMCG leaders are just starting to understand online (limited mobile).. BR Gareth twitter: @garethwong

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