Saturday, 6 December 2008

My thoughts: Characters who should tweet | Tom Watson MP

Characters who should tweet | Tom Watson MP

congrat. on your galant effort if you can convince them.  

However, despite my tech. background and in the 'tech' space since the 90s, I am still not comfortable with 'broadcasting' my life via blog, let alone twittering which is more personal and immediate (esp. via mobile & sms)  

Since I got a twitter account back in Apr07, I only started using it in the last few weeks, and I still keep my feed private. my thinking is that it is not yet ready for people that wants to keep privacy, its all very good with guys like @jemimakiss, & @guykawasaki who are already in public domain as part of the job or someone that want to use it as a tool to promote his business/activities.  

IMHO, I think it maybe difficult, as even person like myself who organise things, speak in conferences in my sector, I still to be honest like to 'keep to myself' or at least with those that I know.. I would hate to have people come up to me and says they know my family or my inner most secret when I have never heard of them before etc. (sometimes I forget, I have to admit, thats why I rely on my notes on my blackberry)..  

Therefore, until twitter can cater for people like me, where I keep my twitter feed private & yet still can interact with wider world (namely, can elect to interact with people publicly, maybe on a tweet by tweet basis), then yes, I think your work in trying to convince the said names above would be much easier.  

Hope to meet you sometime in the coming months/years,  

Best Regards  

Gareth Wong  

Twitter ID: @garethwong

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