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Thursday, 7 May 2009

my comments re: Bill unveiled to reverse U.S. online gambling ban (& "GamTertainment")

Bill unveiled to reverse U.S. online gambling ban
| Reuters

Well, US finally is taking the first step to reverse the sadly mis-step of pushing all remote gaming activity into three years+ of black market activities (people still gambled but sadly not able to with respectable & listed firms)

However, it will still take months for this to be passed into law. 

Plus who would be the leader of change/consolidation is now also a big question due to the credit crunch which adversely affect even for this supposedly 'recession proof' sector. 

For the remote gaming world, it is for sure that the holy grail in my mind would be the converged gaming/entertainment firms, not the present mostly gaming focused variety. 

Future is Bright, and Future is "GamTertainment"

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