Saturday, 30 May 2009

My comments re: Social Currency - mdh47

Social Currency - mdh47

Mark, you raised a very interesting point.  

Challenge is that the same rules don't really apply still. As you make a favour/help others in person, you know & can see who you are dealing with.  

Online, even via various social networks, it maybe hard pressed to find the same person.. and also, does he really exist in reality?  

So, I think something more fundamental is needed, which is the identity (with certain degree of certainty) before, the social/spiritual currency can be 'transferred' or 'gained'.. that's why when I can, I use mainly my real name and photo, just to add/produce further trust.  

We can however talk all we want remotely, through email/social network or telephone. it is still NOT comparable to face to face for 15/30min.  

Look forward to meeting you in person soon.  



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