Tuesday, 1 September 2009

my comments re Fox Livens Up Re-runs With Twitter Commentaries

Fox Livens Up Re-runs With Twitter Commentaries

In terms of 'revenue' this might be a step back, not only is it not new by using twitter, which is mostly free. SMS+shortcode previously meant engagement but via short codes(mostly premium), which brings in stupid amount of money even for not so good content (esp. chat with scantily cladded people) by using twitter, it is arguably might be moving backwards. As SMS is probably the only truely pervasive 'ways' for consumers to interact (as they don't need to download any twitter client and get to know/use twitter).. however, given the hype and target audience of programs like Fringe, twitter and the possibility of interacting with cast and producers/director, might create enough buzz +enough novelty value for it to work.. IMHO, it is just buzz, unless and until it has a valid business model that helps content owner to further 'monetise' the IP and first, 2nd and 3rd runs of shows.. It might however be a valid first step.. and hope twitter is still around in 5 yrs time! @GarethWong

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