Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Social Media and the Future of Newspapers - Thomas Crampton

Social Media and the Future of Newspapers - Thomas Crampton

I would agree with Thomas, don't be anti-social..

previously other than LinkedIn, I was very much against & had no time for blogs, twitters etc.

now through twitter, I manage (when I try) to learn outside of my industries (finance/insurance/gaming/gambling/strategy) and learn more about agencies/media etc. and seeing this post/video is a testament.

However, TRUST is a key point and as one of the lady say, because of its physical, the 'trust' aspect goes up dramatically.. and I am not sure if the internet/social/mobile media could ever 'replace' that .. unless/until some short hand to aid and bridge this trust & confidence gap..

the fact that as Thomas suggested, we should all have a blog, its madness not to.. this would sadly ultimately make the trust issue worst.. like X-Factor, and how the judges smirk at some guys/girls who really don't have talent.. a lot of people's 'blogs' might or might not be useful.. and thus might discourage others to join the blogsphere..

thought provoking stuff..

thanks for this


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