Saturday, 5 December 2009

Search will be killed by co-creation, yes, Search will #soon# be dead

I don't know about you. Is it me that is the only person in the world that appreciate the advanced of the internet/mobile/new media/social media etc. etc. and our age of search or 'google'.. but yet I personally have big reservation.. even the web 4.0 or was it 3.0 of 'semantic web' would not solve what we consumer or B2B customers want.. which is 'qualified' answer(s).

Good example is that just now, I needed to find our 'local' 24 hours (sadly maybe just lower my requirement of open late) pharmacies.. it is nearly impossible by the ubiquitous 'search'.. and I am tech savvy!

The response had thousands of results and some 'cheated' ones even from where it looked like it had the answer but once clicked through, it had another several hundreds unrelated results.. even my own GP's website and the NHS direct website does not provide information, well, it did tell us to call if urgent, and if not urgent wait until next working day, which is two days away!

Surely, the future or what we need in the present is this:

1.) We have a need (now or in the defined future)
2.) some qualified and trusted provider (of products/services) will be approaching us in time through trusted channels (via mobile, email/sms etc.)
3.) We can then transact through trusted methods either directly or via proxy

Not difficult.. surely!

As Search at the moment sadly is our ONLY choice, it does not solve NOR address

a.) discovery
b.) trust
c.) transaction


therefore, I would like to assert that despite at present likes of Google might have US$150Bn market cap.. it is not the future..

but co-creation is.

I hope I have time to bring customer-life to the world (something I planned from 1999) and before Prahalad & Ramaswamy coined the word 'c0-creation'..

I would like to say that #Soon#, when there is a valid option.. Search WILL BE dead..

Just saying.


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