Sunday, 13 December 2009

This could be big, but not what you might think! Google to Start Selling Own Phone Without Wireless Partner by Next Year -

Google to Start Selling Own Phone Without Wireless Partner by Next Year -

Brave, and my personal take is that Google and Eric has got it right.

It maybe risky on the surface of it, but as I have written widely before, the MNOs seem to be the gatekeepers within the highly regulated and high capex market, sadly they have let their eyes mostly off the balls, and still do not know what their clients want.

Most of the handset manufacturers are now creating the handsets for MNOs, rather than consumers only, as the MNOs decide and can in fact influence what the clients may want, with iPhone the exception, rather than the rules.

However, even with iPhone, which is arguably the first true handset manufacturer that focus only on what consumers may want but STILL distribute mainly via in most cases exclusive distribution agreements with MNOs (although it may have limited success so far in China with China Unicom)..

Google in fact as far as I can see, understand that, and they themselves IS probably the biggest sales channel, and if they start distributing/selling directly a device. I have no doubt, what so ever that it will become a great success (if the device is indeed what the consumer/clients may work, and minimum works, reliable and deliver as promised etc.) ..

However, the bigger implication that people might not be aware of is in fact something much more fundamental shift, as they might get a tastes and in fact use the mobile to distribute more 'custom' made products/services (virtual or otherwise).. with likes of visual search like Google goggle.. where does it end?

if all goes to plan, we might be shopping at Google shop very soon, rather than our local Walmart or Tesco.. retailers, wake up, NOW!


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