Sunday, 13 June 2010

my Short comments re peHUB � What do PE Execs do on Fridays?

peHUB � What do PE Execs do on Fridays?

I think many mid market plus CXOs are in fact much more 'human' than you might think, however, they have mostly become workaholics (albeit successful, and some outright perfectionists, especially those entrepreneurial types).. some I know, whether they are in Europe or Asia would work until midnight/1-2am their timezone (sometimes due to conference call in multiple jurisdictions)..

One thing is for sure, however, it is a rather lonely role.. who do they complain/share their worries with.. maybe the dogs or the running machine or their own ipod/iphone/ipad... ?

I predict there might be some 'humanisation' the big corporate guys soon, if there is a more 'take full life-time responsibilities' culture, rather than make what you can now.. and that would be the better day, than now, lets make as much as one can first and hopefully retire rich or not to hold the 'hot rock' thats just been passed to you... in someways, thats what is happening in China, that is another story.

spare a thoughts for those lonely but successful CXOs that might be so media shy that do not even (or might not want to) hear from you guys..



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