Saturday, 5 June 2010

Short blog: What likes of toyota/lexus can learn from China's 中联重科 Zoomlion

中联重科 Zoomlion-Investor Relations:

"At the beginning of 1994, Zoomlion ceased the production of the first generation concrete pump which had strong market demand for upgrading.� In July the second generation concrete pump was successfully launched to the market. We substituted 10 units first generation concrete pump with the second generation free of charge. It was critical to Zoomlion’s brand establishement development."

so, even for at that time a 'startup', 中联重科 stopped their production for six months to get to bottom of real problems of products and released/launched the working model after six months!

This is the kind of decisive action needed for even likes of Toyota.

Should one protect reputations/trust over short term share price? I know I am the first.. but then again, not likely I would like to list my company. hopefully I will not need to face that.

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