Thursday, 3 June 2010

Wisdom of 孟子 MengZi (孟子/Mencius) (Chinese philosopher) for most (2b) successful entrepreneurs

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This is in fact very applicable for most 'struggling' but focused entrepreneurs.. it is what I keep reminding myself..

in short, my no doubt inadequate translation:

" if the heaven has a great task to be given to the wise man, he would be tested both physically and mentally until he almost can't bear it before he would be given reward."

I just wonder how would that fit with those 'entrepreneurs' who keep changing everytime I meet them even 3months down the line!? (ok some have rather daft ideas, good that they do)..

But of course, I might be the really stupid type as I have worked on GamBond® for the last 6 years. and everyone tells me to give up, and maybe I should, unless after meeting Warren buffet tells me to give up, I will and shall not!

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