Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Agree.but some comments re IAB UK Social � Lady Gaga is dead. So what?

IAB UK Social � Lady Gaga is dead. So what?

People pay for things, services, time spent with (people, games, real/virtual entertainment)..

sadly as some celebrities realise too well, their worth has a sell by date, I certainly hope to keep seeing Lady Gaga hitting out songs until she is 70's..

but realistically, is it likely?

We can still engage with a proper business (hopefully, like Evian, Coca cola, John Lewis ) until we are in 70's ourselves however.. that is if they embrace (but not blindedly) like GAP and employ social media correctly to engage but not ruled & overruled by the noisiest mobs.

as ultimately by the time most 'general population' engage with the web AND transact (pay for things via it), the media/brand/social landscape might be very different indeed, and whether LeWeb, even IAB in its present form still exist, we never know. ;-)

might be worthwhile to embrace the presence just as the celebrities do.. (some more successful than others).

happy tweeting/social networking


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